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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Jul 12, 2005 6:11am
Forum: etree Subject: rare Dead audio from '60s tv/film apps. (5-3-1968!)

Since there is a limited supply of historic Dead shows, shall we upload more from vintage TV and film footage?
There are a few available here as audio archives, such as the 1967-04-08 KPIX TV show.
There's also the various KQED tv specials, such as Feb. 4, 1970, and August 30, 1970 on tap as audio files in the archive.

The Hippie Temptation - CBS News (1967) Harry Reasoner visits the Haight.
Includes interviews with the band and footage of the Dead playing
'Dancin' in the Streets' on a flatbed truck in Golden Gate Park.
Nice audio quality. Wild version too.
There's also a film of them performing 'Viola Lee Blues' on a flatbed truck with decent audio at around that same time.

Petulia - (1968) a movie directed by by Richard Lester stars George C. Scott and Julie
Christie. It has scenes of Haight-Ashbury and the Grateful Dead performing 'Viola Lee Blues' at an 'Acid Test'.

The one I've never seen but that interests me the most is
Columbia Strike '68 - this movie about the student rebellion at Columbia University includes the Dead from May 3, 1968 playing 'Cold Rain and Snow' and 'Sitting on Top of the World' on the Student Center Terrace. It may have a different title, such as Columbia Revolt.

Playboy After Dark - the Dead play 'St. Stephen' and 'Mountains
of the Moon' on this July, 1969 broadcast. Nice quality. + Lovelight (cuts off).
Plus brief interview with Garcia by Hugh Hefner.

Ones the archive already has - audio transfers from film or video, include:
San Francisco Sounds - (JA, Santana, and) GD Recorded on February 4, 1970 at the Family Dog at the Great Highway in San Francisco. The Dead play
'Hard to Handle', 'Chinacat Sunflower/I Know You Rider', and appear in the jam at the end. Broadcast on PBS.

Calebration - GD (and Quicksilver Messenger Service) The Dead perform 'Easy Wind' and 'Candyman', 'Brokedown Palace', 'Casey Jones' and 'Uncle John's Band'. Recorded at the KQED studios in
San Francisco on August 30, 1970.
Winterland Arena, S.F. - GD Television broadcast on KQED and quadrophonic simulcast on KQED-FM and KSAN-FM of the October 4, 1970 show.

New Year's Eve, 1970 - GD first set broadcast on KQED and first four songs
were simulcast on KSAN-FM.

Then there's these with lots of tunes from 1966:
Further! Ken Kesey's American Dreams - a one hour film about Ken Kesey with
footage of the acid tests, the Dead playing 'Trips' music at Kesey's house in La Honda in 1966, Merry Pranksters, Jerry tidbits, etc. Shown
June 16, 1987 on KQED (PBS). Produced by Joan Saffa and Steve Talbot.

The Acid Test - (Key-Z Productions, P.O. Box 764, Pleasant Hill, OR 97455)
film footage of the Acid Tests, includes the Grateful Dead and others.
Released in March, 1990 on VHS Hi-Fi.

GD Busted - 1967 news conference. Interesting banter!

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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: Jul 12, 2005 6:55am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: rare Dead audio from '60s tv/film apps. (5-3-1968!)

No, see this FAQ:

Also in any case, the Dead have never allowed video trading AFAIK.

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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Jul 12, 2005 7:59am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: rare Dead audio from '60s tv/film apps. (5-3-1968!)

Of course, movies such as PETULIA are owned by major corporations, but can be bought for home use.
Or, they can be rented for practically free, especially if the local library carries them.

And several I listed are already on from video - all the KQED shows..., etc.

The only one I don't already have in my private collection is that Columbia Revolt movie - It is called THE COLUMBIA REVOLT, and is a b&w 59 minute movie.
I think maybe that's a few seconds of it in the Backstage Pass video, where the Dead are jamming and there's a brother with a cigarette getting down to the sounds.
That did look like some cool footage, and now I discover the Dead were playing Cold Rain & Snow, and Sittin' On Top Of The World...
but very little information about the movie is available that I know of.

I'd gladly rent or buy an authorized commercial release on tape or DVD from the proper source, not a problem!
Alas, it might be long out of print.
Looks like an independent film, made by "The Newsreel", pretty obscure it would seem.

Also, it's in mono, according to

Has anyone ever seen it that digs that period of the GD?

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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Jul 24, 2007 2:12am
Forum: etree Subject: 5-3-1968

Sure looks like they're having a good time jamming on that May 3, 1968!

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